Holistic Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

 To help you deal with all the things we don’t normally talk about. 


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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Addresses Issues With:





Abdominal Discomfort

Pelvic Pain

Lower Back/SI Pain

Pain with Sex


Your goal may be to stop the leakage, bloating, have pain free sex again, but what about beyond that?


In Holistic Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy we address the pelvic floor with the ENTIRE SYSTEM because he pelvic floor should function with everything else in the body. 

We address tension in your pelvic floor and surrounding muscles. 

We address coordination and contraction of your pelvic floor.

We address abdominal pressure management and coordination.

Then we tie all of these things in with the rest of your system to progress you where you want to be whether that to live your life as mom without leakage, be able to have pain free sex again, lifting weights to be strong without leaking, or you want to just start on your holistic health journey.

Picture this as BIG PICTURE PHYSICAL THERAPY, but we get to start at the foundation.

Interested in Holistic Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy?


In your assessment we fully go over your lifestyle and habits, because yes thats a big contribution.

We go through a total body movement assessment followed by an internal exam IF INDICATED and if you are comfortable with that…sometimes it may not be required or necessary.

From your assessment we come up with a treatment plan that is designed just for you!

I will look at how each portion of your body influences areas of dysfunction and look into other area. BASED off your examination, you will be treated with:

Manual Treatment: soft tissue mobilization, trigger point release, dry needling, joint mobilization, cupping.

Followed by very specific exercise and movements and education on activities of daily living and impact on the body. THIS is what stops your sympotms from limiting you, but also keeps you from coming back.

I don't want my clients to rely on me forever. I want you to feel in control of your body and health for the long term.

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