Holistic Physical Therapy

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Function without Pain 


Improve Longevity


Improve Performance


Improve Posture


Understand your Body and Health


Reduce Pelvic Floor Dysfunction


More information on Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy


Don't let aches and pains hold you back from your dream body and health 


 Get rid of that nasty shoulder pain

....that constant back ache 

....those stiff knees 

....Or unwanted leakage 

All while improving your physique

I'm here to help you avoid surgery and medication


help you live a life without being restricted by your body 

age gracefully so you can stay active through your entire life 

but, also look and feel your best so when you look in the mirror and you love what you see

Thats what you get with a HOLISTIC FOCUS.

Here is what you get with "normal PT"


a 30 minute - 60 minute evaluation

They will examine one body part and treat you based off typical PT exam or your "diagnosis." They may work on your body part...  or not and show you generic exercises for that body part all while they are seeing 1-2 other people at the same time.

For follow up for your next visits 2-3x per week. Most of the time you end up doing the same thing over any over again; each time paying a ridiculous copay. 

Over time you may get better sometimes not so much, then you finish with therapy something else over time begins to bother you.




I will look at how each portion of your body influences areas of dysfunction and look into other area. BASED off your examination, you will be treated with:

Manual Treatment: soft tissue mobilization, dry needling, joint mobilization, cupping.

Followed by very specific exercise and movements and education on activities of daily living and impact on the body. THIS is what stops you injuries from limiting you, but also keeps you from coming back.

I don't want my clients to rely on me forever. I want you to feel in control of your body and health for the long term.

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