Six Month Group Holistic Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

This is a women's only 6 or 9 month (pregnancy) program all laid out for you on an app so it's easy to follow. It tells you exactly what to do each day.

You’ll have 3-4 full workouts a week depending on your preference/schedule. Workouts are either lower body, upper body, total body or recovery focused. Core is in EVERY WORKOUT.

You have the OPTIONS of which program you would like based on your situation and goals:

“Balanced Being Fitness” (Holistic Fitness + Nutrition Coaching)- This is the main (6 month) program for women focusing on body recomposition, fat loss, are planning to conceive, or you had a baby more than 6 months ago. You’ll have the option of level one for the women newer to working out or level two for the women that may be a bit more advanced.

“Balanced Booty Fitness”(Glute Focused) - This is an advanced 6 month glute building program with a holistic balance to help you build your glutes, but also minimize some of the negative effects that come with most glute programs: back pain, pelvic floor issues, neck pain. This is similar to “Balanced Being Fitness” but is more glute focused. 

“Balanced Mama Fitness” (Postpartum) - This is for my mamas returning to the gym after having a baby. This is a 6 month program to safely get you back into the gym and feeling like yourself again.  This takes you from day one after you have your baby all the way to 6 months. We help you learn to connect with your core, pelvic floor, and tie that into a strength training program!

“Balanced Bump Fitness” (Pregnancy) - This is for my mamas that want to workout during pregnancy, and prepare their bodies for birth and the postpartum period. This will take you through all 9 months of your pregnancy and educate you on what to do, what to look out for, and how to optimize your entire body. 

In each program you’ll find warm ups, cool downs, and recovery routines to help feel your best. These are designed to help you move and feel your best at the DEEPEST LEVEL.

Everything is in video format. It walks you through how to do everything to feel exercises like you never have before. This is HOW you achieve amazing results.

It helps you select the proper weight, tells you when to progress, how to progress, when NOT to progress and shows you how to recover so you feel your best! 

You LEARN and build at a steady pace so you continue to see results that stick.

As you may know we can’t transform our body without proper nutrition. You will be provided holistic nutrition education, recipes, and habits over the course of the program. 

I know we all need a little (OR A LOT) of accountability. All of the ladies that join will have in app communication to hype each other up, and make sure we stay on track throughout the ups and downs.

Once purchased you will receive a follow up email in regards to your next steps:

1.) Fill out the onboarding form

2.) Select the program you would like (or have me select for you). 

3.) All programs will start the following Monday unless you need a later start date which you may indicate on form.

4.) On the Sunday prior you will receive an invite to the app and your onboarding information. Talk to you soon!

$650.00 USD