My Methods

My methods in terms of physical therapy and fitness are a bit outside of the box. I have integrated physical therapy and fitness together because when there’s no crossover, that's when you see gaps in your goals and health. This is "Big Picture Training"

My 3 Main Pillars

How You Move

How to breathe and use your core, reduce muscle tension, improve mobility, improve strength overall, and build muscle

What You Eat

Learn what to eat, how to shop, what to avoid, better food habits, while still enjoying life

Your Habits

Learn better sleep hygiene, preparation, reduce stress, and how you move in your everyday movement

I've found there is not always just one answer. There is not one way. I have always been fascinated by the “why’s”, not just the "how to do" something. The general “how to’s” neglect the small yet major differences some of us have. 


In the “why’s” you pull out so many useful pieces of information that tell you more about the big picture… because you are not just a person that wants to be out of pain, wants to lose weight, feel confident in your body, have more energy, or just be overall healthy... we are such dynamic creatures, and when you know why, how all these things connect, and you are able to apply it your individual difference...

you are able to live the most fulfilling life: in terms of health, your appearance, and your overall satisfaction. 


My specialty is human movement. I received my doctorate of physical therapy from the University of Hartford in 2017. I learned traditional ways to treat musculoskeletal injuries which was effective for a handful of people. At the same time, I saw things took so long to resolve, people had multiple injuries going on at once, there were so many other factors outside of traditional physical therapy that impacted their recovery… and just kept people coming back for the same or a different injury.


That's the major problem: when you keep coming back, you are reliant on the health care system. I wanted to develop a way to empower people by understanding their body and learning how to take care of it on their own.


To understand the “whys” better I have taken countless continuing education courses to devise a method to help people in all aspects of their life… the things that they come to me for pain, strength training, weight loss, as well as the things they didn’t know was a problem energy, sleep, libito, PMS, confidence...being “juicy” again. We should have it ALL.


My methods come from the integration of biomechanics, pelvic floor physical therapy, anatomy trains, postural restoration institute, pregnancy and postpartum rehab, studies from Bill Hartman, manual therapy, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, and dry needling.


Depending on where you are on your journey, your plan will have elements of each of these.


Letting Go” The muscles that you hold a lot of tension or overuse need to turn down. These muscles feel so tight and restricted because they don't get a chance to “let go”. This is done by soft tissue work, joint mobilization, dry needling, and breathing exercises that teach you to move without as much tension. These tight muscles can be a source of your nagging pain that won't go away, anxiety, bloating/constipation, fatigue, and just not feeling like yourself. When these muscles never get a chance to let go, they hold your body in positions that don’t allow it to work as effectively.


“Turning Up” When those tight muscles turn down, we need the muscles that oppose them to turn up so you don’t end up in the cycle. This helps restore your body's grounded/ resting position so that it's able to heal. Your muscles function better here, your brain functions better here, and your organs function better here. Learning to control your body better affects the entire system. We do this by breathing, specific positioning of your limbs, and core exercises that tie everything in your body together.


“Getting Stronger” We get STRONG to do all the things we want to in life. Over time, you learn how to build strength by learning to lift weights, still encompassing all of the things we learned early. This is also where aesthetics comes into play. If your body is able to heal and relax, it's able to train more to achieve all your physique goals.


“Balance your Life” In order to stick with something it has to be sustainable for you mentally and physically. Living outside of where your body and mind are designed to be leaves us in the unrelenting cycle. We devise methods based on your lifestyle, your build, and goals to help you stick with your regimen on your own, life long. 


“Better Nutrition” I use food as medicine to help you heal your body, improve your total body health and achieve your aesthetics. In the simplest terms, we just EAT FOOD.


“Improving Your Habits” It is not just what you put into your body and doing your workouts. What about the other 90% of the time? Learning how to improve your overall habits by improving your time management, your movement during the day, sleep quality and quantity, and stress are often a missing piece. When addressed, they can provide so much value.


All of these areas interact and when addressing each of these components, little by little, this is when you finally start to feel like the new and improved version of you!

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